New Website Introduction

This site has been designed with our Booster Parents in mind.  Our hope is that you will use this site as your one source of information pertaining to the REV Wildcat Band Boosters.

Let's get started with some basic navigation hints and tips:

  • HORIZONTAL TABS (Found at the top of the page)
    • These are topics we think will be used most by our Booster Parents.
    • Hover your mouse's cursor over a tab like "Fundraising" and you will see a list expand.
    • Choose your selection by clicking with your mouse and the screen will be redirected.
  • QUICK LINKS (Found in the left sidebar)
    • These are topics less visited but still contain very important information.
    • Click the little gray arrow pointing to "Music Departments" and you will expand the list of topics under that category.
  • GOOGLE+:  If you have a Google+ account, click the icon below the sitemap to have this page referenced in your profile.

More advanced Features:

  • BOOKMARK THIS PAGE:  Save this site to your web browser's BOOKMARKs or FAVORITES.
    • Firefox:  From the Browser menu:  Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page > OK
    • Internet Explorer8:  From the Browser menu:  Favorites > Add to Favorites > Add
    • Safari:  From the Browser menu:  Bookmarks > Add Bookmark > Add
  • SUBSCRIBE:  There are many pages within this site that feature a subscribe option.  When you subscribe to a feed, it is added to the Common Feed List. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs.  If you would like help setting this feature up on your computer or smartphone, please contact

New Features

  1. LATEST INFORMATION:  This page will automatically display the last 5 announcements posted to the following pages:
    1. Booster Information
    2. Director - Ms. Glass
    3. Marching Band
    4. Fundraising
  2. CALENDAR:  The events displayed in this calendar are color coded by audience group such as Marching Band, Fundraising, Guard, etc. 
    • Viewers can click on an event to show more detail
    • You can copy an event to your personal calendar. 
    • If the address has been provided, you can click map to show a map of its location.
    • You can change the display of the calendar from Weekly to Monthly, Daily or an Agenda format.
  3. STORE:  You can now purchase items online via the checkout application.  Additional instructions can be found in the STORE tab listed at the top of the screen.
  4. SEARCH THIS SITE:  Type a word such as "volunteer" in the box and click search this site.  The results page will display all pages that contain the word "volunteer".
  5. MEDIA GALLERY:  We have a photo and video gallery that categorizes our media by school year, and music department.  Share this with your friends and families.  Grand parents are sure to love it.