Sponsor a Wildcat Poster Fundraiser

This is an opportunity for students to meet their Fair Share goal.

How it works:

  • Approach local businesses such as restaurants, shops, doctors and dentists to sponsor your student for a minimum of $20.00. In return the boosters offer the following:
    • Marching Wildcat Student Poster: Displays support of the local community to their clients / customers.
    • Facebook: If they have a presence on Facebook,the boosters will gladly set a “like” to their page providing their page wider visibility. The Redlands East Valley HS Instrumental Music Boosters page has set the “like” relationship to other pages such as REV Football and Redlands East Valley High School as well as over 100 local community businesses.
    • Google+: If they have a presence on Google+, the boosters will also set a “share” to their page.
    • revband.org Website: We will add their information to the “Thank You to Our Sponsors” page on revband.org.
  • Poster: See attached for a sample of the poster we can have printed for your student. If you are interested in participating in this fundraiser, we will pre print 5 posters for your student. We can print more once the first set of 5 are sold and donations have been deposited toward your student's Fair Share balance.
  • Sponsor Request Letter: See attached for a copy of the donation request letter we will provide your student when we handout their posters.
    • The letter includes a 2nd page to be filled out by your student:
    • Receipt: The top half of the page should be given to the person who agrees to sponsor your student.
    • Sponsor Information: The bottom half should be filled out and returned with payment. The information on the form will be used to add the sponsor to the web, and social media pages.

It's that simple!  We hope this opportunity will assist your student in raising their Fair Share contribution. If you would like to take advantage of this fundraiser, please send a message to webmaster@revband.org (monitored by Donna Cranfill).  She will contact you to get a nice picture for the poster. Good luck!

Donna Cranfill,
Nov 24, 2013, 3:02 PM
Donna Cranfill,
Nov 24, 2013, 3:02 PM