2012 Pancake Breakfast & Car Wash


One of the many fundraisers the Boosters host is an annual Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for the music departments at REV HS. Getting local businesses and families to sponsor the supplies needed to put on the event increases our ability to put more $$$ toward supplementing the expenses for the year.
This year's event:
  • Event Date:  September 15, 2012
  • Sales Goal:  $4,000
    • Approx. tally at the end of the day was $4,400 (Big Wave!!!!).
  • Breakfasts Served: 368
  • Cars Washed: 100+
  • 46 Booster parents worked the operations of the Pancake Breakfast
  • All music students worked car washing shifts
  • All ingredients for the breakfast were donated by the community
  • One flat-screen TV was donated for an opportunity drawing
There was also a nice article in the Redlands Daily Facts.  Click here to go to the article.

We'd like to acknowledge the generosity of our sponsors who contributed resources to this year's event.

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OrganizationContactItems SponsoredIn Support of
OrganizationContactItems SponsoredIn Support of
Bob's Big Boy  Butter Our Local Community 
Costco Wholesale  Monetary Donation The Local Community 
 Applegate, Heidi  Time: Server Isaac Applegate 
 Armenta Family Time: Set Up, Prep/Cook, Clean Up Arlene and Vanessa Armenta 
 Battelo, Heidi  Time: Server Nicholas Battelo 
 Beauregard Family Time: Kitchen George Beauregard 
 Braverman, Lisa  Time: Clean Up Blackberrie Eddins 
 Brown, Anne Time: Kitchen Hannah Brown 
Dr. Joan E. Dendinger, DDS  Dendinger Family Orange juice Marian Rose Dendinger 
 Dietsche Family Time: Set Up, Runner, Griddle Summer and Carly Dietsche 
 Eskander Family Table Cloths & Balloons, Time: Server Joanna Eskander 
 Franklin Family Syrup & Ketchup, Time: Set Up, Prep/Cook Klarissa Franklin 
 Grisham, Cathy  Time: Server Alyssa Grisham 
 Kiggins, Melia  Time: Prep/Cooks Rebekah Kiggins 
 Lee, Bekky Time: Kitchen Manager, Set Up Daniel Garrett and Nathan Lee 
 Lesondak, Karen  Time: Car Wash Cody Villegas 
 Lopez Family Chairman of the Committee, Time: Set Up, Cafe Opening, Clean Up Rebecca Lopez 
Conrad Lucero, DDS Lucero Family Eggs Philip Lucero 
 Lujan Family Homemade Salsa Christopher Garribay 
 Luther Family Time: Cafe Opening, Prep/Cook, Ticket Taker Shelly Luther 
 Marshall, Jean Griddle, Time: Dishwashing Garrett Marshall 
 Martinez Family Time: Set Up Katie Martinez 
 Meiners Family Time: Set Up, Beverage Table Clayton Meiners 
 Moore Family Time: Prep/Cook Cameron Moore 
 Moore, Kelly  Time: Car Wash  
 Newton Family Coffee & Orange Juice, Time: Set Up, Cafe Opening, Clean Up Daniel Newton and all Music Students at REV 
 Olmos Family Syrup & Ketchup  
 Pascua Family Time: Server Branden Valenzuela 
 Preciado, Judy  Time: Server Jacquelyn Preciado 
 Preston Family Time: Prep/Cook Ryan Preston 
 Proctor, Mrs. Harriet Sausage The Newton Family 
 Reid Family Pancake Mix, Time: Ticket Taker Davis Reid 
 Richey, Kristin Griddle, Time: Prep/Cook Hannah Richey 
 Roberts, Mark Time: Set Up Kathryn Roberts 
 Ryan Family Time: Set Up, Runner, Dishwashing Mallori Ryan 
 Salsbury Family Syrup & Ketchup, Time: Set Up Sydney Salsbury 
 Shink, Cathy Time: Prep/Cook Natalie Shink 
 Stern, Darla  Time: Car Wash Amanda Baker 
 Sumner, Colleen  Time: Prep/Cook Caryn Sumner 
 Thomas Family Time: Prep/Cook, Ticket Taker Tony Thomas 
 Walt, Johana  Time: Runner Ryan Walt 
 Whiles, Karen Time: Prep/Cook Matt Whiles 
 Zamores, Kathleen  Time: Server Gabriel Zamores 
 Zurcher, Sonya Time: Prep/Cook Tyler Zurcher 
Showing 44 items