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Here are some things that new band parents should know as we get ready to start our new season. There are a few changes this year and I know this is long, so bear with me!

Field Shows

The call time for field shows will vary from week to week. Often Mr. Hollett doesn’t get the final performance time until a few days before the event so don’t be surprised if the call time is not available until late in the week.  Traci Patino will e-mail it as soon as it’s available. (If you aren't on the e-mail list or have questions, you can contact Traci @ corresponding.secretary@revband.org.
  • Family Attendance:  These are lots of fun! Many parents like to go as spectators to see REV’s band perform, and the other schools too. It’s a great feeling for the band when they take the field to the enthusiastic cheers of our boosters! It’s also much different than performing at a football game where the majority of the crowd is there to see the football team and not the band. These competitions are all about the BAND!
  • Admission Fees:  The field shows are normally held at the hosting high school and there is always an admission fee (anywhere from $5 - $10).
  • Support the Hosting Boosters:  Most of them will have some sort of concession area so you can buy food to support their Booster group, or a variety of band related “stuff”.
  • What to Bring:  It’s a good idea to bring something cushy to sit on, especially if you plan to be there to watch lots of the other schools – you could be sitting for several hours.
  • We love to hear our booster’s opinions on how we compare to the competition!
  • Hospitality Committee:  The boosters will again be planning meals for students for several of the competition days. These meals are an optional purchase, but we hope that most students will choose to participate. Our goal is to ensure they have a healthy meal on that performance day.

Football Games

Those of you who signed up to load the trailers should report to the school prior to going to the stadium. We will send out a call time by Thursday.
  • Many band parents try to sit together in the area close to where the band sits. NOTE: These seats are 1st come, 1st serve.
  • Wear red, and bring a cushion, blanket or something to sit on.

End of Day Duties

At the end of the night everyone is tired, but we still need to get the trailer unloaded and everything put away. It’s a time for “all hands on deck” so we expect students to stay to help and we appreciate all booster help as well.


Shoes: The kids will also fitted for “Dinkles” (those shiny black vinyl shoes). If they need new shoes, they will be available for purchase (or a used pair will be provided if they are unable to purchase). We would appreciate it if you would donate outgrown shoes so that they can be made available to those who are unable to purchase them.

Black Socks: All students will need to wear black socks with the uniform. Those socks need to be the type that come up to cover their ankles/lower calves so no skin is showing when they lift their legs to march. A lot of them wear the shorter ankle socks normally, but they’re too short for under their uniform. These also sometimes come in multi-packs so they can pair up with their friends, or extras can be donated to the Quartermasters for students who don’t have them.

Show Shirt: The official “show shirt” will be available soon. All REV Marching Wildcat students receive a free show shirt. A coordinating “booster version” will be made available for yourself, if you want to purchase one.

Under the Uniform: Under their uniform they wear a black compression shirt and compression shorts.  You may purchase your own, or the Boosters will have order forms during the Marching Band Orientation Meeting to get them through REV Band Boosters.

Brass and Woodwind Sections

Black Gloves:  All students (except Drumline & Pit) will be required to purchase a pair of black gloves to wear. We suggest purchasing multiple pairs in case they get misplaced.  Don’t be surprised if your clarinet or flute player asks for a scissors to cut the fingertips off of their gloves to allow their fingers to connect with the keys. 

Battery Section