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Marching Band



2016-2017 REV Marching Wildcats & Color Guard

Director: Brian Hollett

Percussion Instructors: Edgar Sanchez and Steve Tyler

Auxiliary Instructor:  Kajay Anderson

Marching Instructor: Brayan Rubio

Visual  Instructor: Taylor Lane

Drum Major(s): Dorie Cranfill (head DM); Taylor Gonzales and Matt Kristoffersen (Assistant DMs)

Captains (Cabinet A): Chad Ryan (drumline); Aaron Goodman (pit); Savanna Patino, Taylor Beggs & Marie Quinonez (color guard); Aaryn Reynolds (high brass); Michael Cowan (low brass); Taylor Gonzales (high winds); Jacob Wills-Brennan (low winds)

Cabinet B:  Cameron Kortz (Historian); Renée Shanteler (Librarian); Robert Cranfill (Equipment Manager); Sean Martinez (Quartermaster)

Name of 2016 Program : In the Heights

2016 Wildcat Football & Tournament Schedule:

Sept 16 -- Heritage vs. REV  (High Brass load/unload)
Sept 23 -- Yucaipa vs. REV  (Low Woodwinds load/unload)
Sept 24 -- Preview of Champions (High Woodwinds load/unload)
Oct 7 -- Smudgepot Game!  RHS vs. REV  (High Woodwinds load/unload)
Oct 8 -- Valencia FT  (Low Brass load/unload)
Oct 15 -- Aliso Niguel FT (High Woodwinds load/unload)
Oct 21 -- Eisenhower vs. REV (High Woodwinds load/unload)
Oct 29 -- Hart Rampage FT/Magic Mountain  (Low Woodwinds load/unload)
Nov 5 - Chino FT (Low Brass load/unload)
Nov 10 -- South Hills FT (High Brass load/unload)
Nov 12 -- Ramona FT (Low Woodwinds load/unload)
Nov 19 -- CHAMPIONSHIPS!  (High Woodwinds load/unload)

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