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Color Guard

2016-2017 REV Wildcat Color Guard

Winterguard Results

Redlands East Valley Winter Guard 2016-2017

These rosters where not created to be a specific order. Varsity will have a rehearsal after school on November 28, 2016 from 2:30pm-7:00pm. Junior Varsity will be required to attend the last hour of the Varsity Rehearsal (6:00pm-7:00pm) to obtain the calendar for the season and other documents. Parents are encouraged to come and get information first hand. Coach Kajay will have a little presentation to explain how this season will unfold. If you have any questions or concerns as a student or parent, please contact me through email: kajay.anderson@yahoo.com

If there is a (**) next to your name, you are a call back for that respective roster. This means staff is interested in placing you on a team, but is unsure at the moment. Any callbacks will be informed of the decision being made by November 28, 2016.


Trista Beggs-saber

Paulina Garcia-saber 

Krystal Arias-rifle

Peris Schaffino-rifle

Kylie Cervenka**

Taylor Beggs-rifle

Angel Okoye-Kerr-saber

Sean Martinez-rifle

Marie Quinonez-rifle

Rachel Garcia-rifle

Nicole Cowan-saber

Savanna Patino-saber

Junior Varsity:

Justine Maloney

Anjah Mannickarottu

Abigail Ramirez

Erica Couch

Shayline Torres

Isaac Roberts**

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