Volunteer Opportunities

Join one of our teams.  It's great fun to be part of the boosters!  Contact Ways & Means if you'd like to join a committee. 

Performance Days

During our marching band season we have a need for volunteers to help out at competitions and performances:

BAND TRAILER DRIVERS (Long Trailer, Short Trailer, and Flat Trailer):  Pull the band's 28-foot trailer, 16 foot trailer, or flat bed trailer (driver needs experience pulling a trailer in tight quarters). Pick the trailer up from storage, drive to REV, help load, pull the trailer to the event, help unload, help load after the event, drive trailer back to REV, help unload, return the trailer to storage.   Contact:  2nd Vice President

BUS CHAPERONE:  Ride on the bus to ensure appropriate behavior and provide leadership. Must be willing to address issues and also take responsibility for permission slips for bus. Contact:  Mr. Hollett

HOSPITALITY/STUDENT MEALS:  We need a few band boosters who are able to be responsible for providing a meal for our students after the competition. Just like at home, this group needs to work with Mr. Hollett to determine menu, and arrange food. . . Just for a larger "family" than you normally feed! **REALLY great if a group volunteers to take this on!  Contact:  1st Vice President

ICE FOR ICE CHESTS/COOLERS:  Bring ice for use to each event. May be dropped off when you drop off your band member. Each person who signs up should bring 20 lbs. of ice. If a parent has access to an ice machine and can provide ice it really helps!  Sign up @ Time To Sign Up!

PIT CREW:  Load and unload the pit equipment on the field. This also includes moving any "set" pieces on and off the field. Come to REV and help load equipment. Drive to the event, help unload and setup equipment, transport equipment to the field, help set equipment on the field for performance, help strike the equipment after the performance, transport the equipment from the field, help tear down the equipment and load back onto the trucks. Return to REV after event and help unload.  Contact:  2nd Vice President

STANDS:  Cordon off area in the stands for the band. Clean the stands to minimize soiling on the uniforms. Use orange cones from band trailer to cordon off the area. Ensure stands remain reserved for band.   Sign up @ Time to Sign Up!

TREATS:  Provide a treat with an inspirational message before competitions.   Contact:  1st Vice President

WATER:  Clean and fill the water bottles before the competitions and games. Fill the 5-gal. water cooler and bring to school for transport to the event. Distribute water to students during warm up and after the performance. Refill the water bottles from the 5-gal. cooler as needed. Keep the students hydrated. Also disperse apples at competitions.  Sign up @ Time to Sign Up!

Recycle Coordinator: Someone who is willing to collect and recycle all of the bottles/cans accumulated in the band room and at events. We want to be “green” and also utilize the funds!  
Contact:  Mr. Hollett


WAYS & MEANS: The members of this committee coordinate a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. These may include fundraising events needed to raise money to pay for the many expenses generated by REV's various instrumental music groups, and fundraising opportunities to help student's families raise money for Fair Share Donations.


PANCAKE BREAKFAST: This group organizes and assists with our Booster Pancake Breakfast which takes place in the Fall.



ANNUAL BBQ & SILENT AUCTION: One of our major fundraising events with a need for various sub-committees that may include soliciting for and collecting silent auction items, meal planning, decorations and execution.


Special Skills

There are so many other areas where volunteers are needed. . .

FLAGS:  Bring sewing machines and scissors and join in on creating the flags for this season's show.

SEWING UNIFORMS:  Helping to fit uniforms at the start of the school year, and stitch hems as needed.

OTHER TALENTS/SUPPLIES:  We'd love to know about other special talents you may have that would benefit our kids. That may include things like publicity, web-site maintenance, access to an ice machine, special contacts, etc. It may be the ability to get a discount on food purchases or products for the band. Or also access you may have to supplies that could be donated, like paper products, food donations, fabric, building products, etc. This could also involve talents like welding, or construction - perfect for prop building!

T4 ORGANIZATION:  We have a storage room. . . “T4”. It occasionally needs a little attention from a band booster with good organizational skills.

WORK DAYS:  There are times when we need to gather the troops to construct props, paint canvases, and get various other projects done with a group.