Mission Statement

(As approved by the members present on 9/16/2008)
It is the Mission of the Redlands East Valley High School Wildcat Band
Boosters to promote enthusiasm, assistance, and financial support for all REV band activities; to encourage students to strive for excellence in the
performance arts and develop band spirit; to give optimistic and positive support to the Instrumental Music Director and all members of the
ensembles; and to develop community awareness of, and appreciation
for, the efforts and achievements of the performing arts students.
Thus, we will exert ourselves to provide those things necessary to arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all REV band activities, and to support a program that offers expanded academic, fine art and social educational opportunities for all current and future band members. We will remain challenged to reach beyond any perceived limitations and strive to make the “REV Band Boosters” the standard of excellence by which all other Booster programsare measured, remembering all the while that everything we do, we do for our children, the band students of Redlands East Valley High School.