2015-12-23: First NOLA Fundraiser is under way!

posted Dec 23, 2015, 4:34 PM by Donna Cranfill
Dear Marching Band Families:

Today, all Marching Band students were given items in order to do their first fundraiser for the 2017 New Orleans trip.  Attached to this email are the handouts given to the students during the meeting.

The first fundraiser is a Solo cup challenge.  During the  3-week Winter Break, each student has been asked fill up their Solo cup with as much money as they can!  The only catch is that they must be coins – no paper money.  Have a dollar, exchange it for four quarters!  The goal is to gather as much change as they can in that cup by January 10, 2016.  If the cup just happens to overflow with change, the Zip-lock baggy that they were also given will help keep it all together. 

On January 11, 2016, they are to put their filled Solo cup into the Zip-lock plastic baggy and seal it shut.  Again, be sure their name is on both the cup and the Zip-lock plastic baggy.  The students are to hand these to Mr. Hollett on Monday, January 11, for safekeeping.  All cups are due by Wednesday, January 13 in order to count towards the prizes.

How the money is dispersed:   Every student’s first Solo cup will be put into a fund that is shared among all the marching band students registered to go to New Orleans by Jan 8, 2016
However, for any students who would like to have money put directly into their personal trip account, every Solo cup submitted after the first cup will go towards personal accounts.  For example, Jordan turns in one Solo cup worth $75.  That amount gets put into the general trip fund along with all of the other Solo cups turned in.  Let’s say Jordan passed out 16-oz Solo cups to neighbors, grandparents, siblings, etc., and went around and collected them when they were full.  Each one of those additional Solo cups would be dispersed directly into Jordan’s personal trip account.  IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!  (NOTE….only the 1stcup turned in will count towards prizes).

Melissa Koss
REV Band Boosters
Corresponding Secretary

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