2017-01-15: Scrip Chairperson

posted Jan 16, 2017, 3:09 PM by Donna Cranfill
Hi All, 

Our scrip chairperson, Timberly Axelrod, is retiring from the job at the end of this month. She has done an awesome job!  Thank you Timberly!  If scrip fundraising is to continue we need someone to take over from her and handle the scrip orders.  Timberly will show you how it works.  We need the money that scrip brings in so if you can help PLEASE step up!  If you are interested please contact me, Jennifer Bryant, at president@revband.org and I will put you in touch with Timberly.

Thank you!

Jennifer Bryant, Booster Co-President

Traci Patino
REV Band Boosters
Corresponding Secretary

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