FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this helps answer most of the questions posed to the Boosters.


Why am I not receiving email messages from the boosters?

If you submitted an email address with the Marching Band Registration form and you are not receiving weekly messages.  Your email service may be tagging our messages as spam or junk mail.  You must send a message to corresponding.secretary@revband.org to "accept" our email address.  Once you have sent a message to this email address your domain should recognize us as approved.  From that point forward, messages sent by corresponding.secretary@revband.org should land in your default inbox.

Fair Share Donation

What is my student's Fair Share balance?

           You may check your student's Fair Share balance at anytime by logging in to Charms.  If you do not have access to Charms, please send                        an email request to treasurer@revband.org